Hi! My name is Ulrike. I'm here to help you to find more balance in body and mind which leads to confidence and strength in life!

I have been practicing, teaching and still learning yoga since 2012. First I learnt Sivananda Yoga, which I still practice and teach in some way. Later on I learned classical Ashtanga yoga in California where I also got my initiation from senior teachers of Baba Hari Dass.
In those years from 2014 on I am not only dedicated to Baba Hari Dass yoga teaching but he also was a thoughtful proponent of Ayurveda. I have participated in some courses about Ayurveda in California and in Kerala/ India as well. Baba Hari Dass said: “Ayurveda is to free the mind which is trapped in the body. Yoga is to free the soul which is trapped in the mind.”

An overview of the types of yoga I give.
Next to yoga a also give and teach ayurveda massage.

Prenatal Yoga helps to build awareness of your pregnant body and deepen the connection with your baby.

Ashtanga yoga provides a foundation for a healthy and integrated life more able of face life’s challenges.

This yoga is for everyone and also accessible to those with physical and other challenges.

Ayurveda treatment refreshes and energizes your body and mind and has a calming effect also.

For every one accessible, especially for students with physical
challenges and disabilities.

We have yoga lessons for everyone. For beginners and advanced and for people of all ages.

Yoga & Ayurveda Rostock