We have lessons for beginners and advanced.
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Prenatal Yoga helps to build awareness of your pregnant body and deepen the connection with your baby.

Ashtanga yoga provides a foundation for a healthy and integrated life more able of face life’s challenges.

This yoga is for everyone and also accessible to those with physical and other challenges.

Ayurveda treatment refreshes and energizes your body and mind and has a calming effect also.

Yoga for everyone! We have both, Group Yoga classes and Individual Yoga classes, choose what fits your best!

Yoga can truly help you develop strength by using your core to support yourself and by engaging your muscles actively to keep yourself in a pose. Yoga will definitely limber you up and helps you tap into your flexibility. When you start a yoga practice, it's all about stretching your own limitations. "Yoga for everyone" means also our classes are accessible to those with physical and other challenges.

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Group Yoga

Group lessons 1 hour

1 hour a week €30

2 hours a week €50

3 hours a week €65

Individual Yoga

Individual lessons 1hour

1 hour a week € 50

2 hours a week € 90

3 hours a week € 125

We have yoga lessons for everyone. For beginners and advanced and for people of all ages.

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